Ballala Rayana Durga

Another major attraction here is the Ballala Rayana Durga Fort which is a 2 hour trek from the falls. It was built by the Hoysala Kings. The fort is in a very diplated state but worth a watch. The view from the fort towers is breathtaking with the smell of flowers and view of grasslands.


Nearly 100 km's north of Chikmagalur, this is a scenic hill station, situated on the Baba Budan range at a height of 1,434 m. 8 km's from Kemmanagundi are the Hebbe Falls where the water gushes down from a height of 168 m in two stages. The Kalhatti Falls are 10 km's from Kemmanagundi. The water here cascades down a height of 122 m. There is also a local temple here, constructed in a gap between rocks.


20 km's southwest of Chikmagalur is the secluded hill station of Kudremukh. Situated 1894 m above sea level, the Kudremukh hills overlook the Arabian Sea and are chained to one another with deep valleys and steep precipices. There is rich flora and fauna here, waiting to be discovered. Caves asking to be explored. Ruins and traces of old civilizations inviting a study. Lovely, unspoiled places to camp. Can any trekker resist Kudremukh? This place is also rich in iron-ore deposits.


The highest point is 'Mullaiyangiri' - 1900 m & has 3 caves, sanctified by 3 sages & containing their icons & tombs. A sacred centre, 'Seethala Mallikarjuna' near a cave, and a mutt lend the place a mystic touch. Near Baba Budangiri peak are the 3 famous waterfalls - Gada Theertha, Kamana Theertha and Nellikayi Theertha.

Hebbe Falls

This beautiful waterfall is over 10 km's away from the famous hill station, Kemmangundi. Here water streams down from a height of 168 meters in two stages to form Dodda Hebbe (Big Falls) and Chikka Hebbe (Small Falls).

Kallathigiri Falls

Just 10 km's away from Kemmangundi is Kallahathigiri Falls, also known as Kalahasti falls. Water cascades down from the top of the Chandra Drona hill from a height of 122 meters amidst fascinating scenery. There is an old Veerabhadra temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, constructed in a gap between rocks. This temple can be approached after crossing the waterfall.


Chikmagalur is an alluring picnic district located on the foothills of Mullayanagiri mountain ranges. It is a fertile valley, famous for its coffee and tea plantations. The entire region is surrounded by lush green vegetation and plantation hills. It is believed to be presented as dowry for the younger daughter of Rukmangada and hence called as Chikmagalur which denotes ‘town of younger daughter’. The highest peak of Karnataka is Mullain Giri is in Chikmagalur at an altitude of 6300 feet above the sea level. The fertile land is drained by River Bahdra, Hemavathi, Netravai, Vedavati and Tunga. There are several historical places and monuments like Kondarama temple, Jamie Mosque and st.Joseph’s Cathedral Church are the places of interest. Chikmagalur cuisine is very famous for its unique spice and taste of coconut milk. It is a wonderful summer resort to beat the heat.

Places to visit
Baba Budan Giri It is the most visited peak in Chikmagalur. Named after a Muslim Saint Baba Budan. Three caves and Sheethala are nearer to this peak. Manikvadara waterfall is just a km from here. Kurinji which blooms once in 12 year can be seen here.

Vidyashankara Temple It is located on the banks of Bhadra river. A holy shrine and one of Pancha Kshetras. 12 zodiac pillars are the highlights of this temple.

Kalahatti Falls Major tourist destination at a distance of 10 km from Chikmagalur. It is a 122 meter sizzling Fall along with mesmerizing surroundings. One can find rock temples nearby the waterfall. A fantastic picnic spot to spend vacation.

Other Places Mallikarjuna temple, Ayyanakare lakes, Kudremukh national park, Hanuman Gundi Falls, Hebbe falls, Shringeri and central coffee research institution are other popular spots found in Chikmagalur

Bandaje Falls

Bandaje falls is located in the Charmadi Ghat, a part of Western Ghats. This fall is favorite among the trekkers as it is the junction for several trekking routes. The spot is tidy and clean. People don't dare to come here as the onward journey to the upper part is really strenuous.

Horanadu / Kalasa

15 Km's It is the major tourist attraction in the state of Karnataka. It is holy town and flocked by huge number of devotees and visitors throughout the year. The land of temples is located in the district of Chikmagalur. There are plenty of sacred shrines are located throughout Horanadu. The Annapurneshwari temple is the prominent religious attraction which was consecrated in the year of 1973. During festival time the temple is flocked by flood of devotes from far and wide. Three course of vegetarian meal is served to all visitors and devotees attending the ceremony during festival season. It is one of the must visit religious center of Hindus and a place of harmony of culture and heritage.

Places to visit : Annapoorneshwari Temple
It is the center of attraction in Horanadu, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Annapoornani who is the Goddess of food. During festival seasons, the temple premise is flooded by devotees and visitors from India and Foreign as well. Complete three course of vegetarian meal is served to each single person attending the ceremony


18 Km's It is one of the popular religious townships in South India, located in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. This bustling holy town is beautifully nestled on the banks of River Tunga. It is a renowned pilgrim site which houses many ancient temples belongs to 14th century. Sringeri shares its credits with Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham. It is a world famous mutt established by the great exponent of Advaitya, Saint Adi Sankaracharya in 7th century. It is one of the Shakthi Sthalas and first Shankara Ashrams in India. The temples of Sringeri exhibit an amazing architectural style of Vijayanagara. Vidyashankara temple, Chenna Keshab temple and Sharadamba temple are the most important shrines in Sringeri. The township is a part of Western Ghats so it offers immaculate views of nature splendors. The entire region is dotted with picturesque scenery and sizzling waterfalls. Navarathri festival is grandly celebrated here which attracts thousands of devotees and visitors from far and wide. There are many more interesting places in and around Sringeri. Jog Falls, Agumbe, Kudremukh and Sringagiri hills are most popular holiday destinations near Sringeri.

Places to visit : Sarada Temple and Sringeri Mutt
It is a most renowned temple and also a popular mutt, located on the banks of River Tunga. It is a 7th century temple, established by great Guru Sri Adi Sankaracharya. It is dedicated to Goddess Sarada Devi. Sarada Navarathri is the festival celebrated in a grand manner here.

Adi Shankara Temple
It is located inside the Sringeri mutt, left to Sarada Temple, devoted to Great Advaitya Philosopher Saint Adi Sankaracharya. The tranquil and divine atmosphere, regular discourses and prayers are the highlighting features.

Kere Anjaneya Temple
It is located in west corner of Sringeri mutt, dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is a beautiful and an attractive temple offers an ideal place to meditate.

Other Places
Toranga Ganapathi Temple, Horanadu, Kigga, Vidya Shankara Temple, Malayala Brahma temple and Sri Chappara Anjaneya temple are the other popular temples in Sringeri.


80 Kms Agumbe is an angelic hamlet located on the top of Someshwara Ghats. It is situated between two beautiful districts Shimoga and Dakshin Kannada of Karnataka at an altitude of 2710 meters from sea level.. The dazzling place is blessed with immense forest and snow-capped high lands teemed with sublime climate. Sizzling streams and meandering rivers are hidden treasures in dense forest. The outskirt of the forest is surrounded by variety of greenery and plants and dotted by numerous waterfalls. Nature showers its grace in the form of picturesque waterfalls. Besides its nature splendors, it is popular for trekking and temples. The sculptures are eye-catching feature in temples; especially Lord Gopalakrishna temple is famous among trekkers and tourists. The landscapes of Agumbe are natural habitat for animals, birds and reptile. No wonder that it is the"capital of king cobra" It is indeed a wonderland filled with amusements and adventures.

Places to visit
Sunset Point
This is the highest peak in Western Ghats, located in the mountainous roads leads to Agumbe at 14th hair-pin bend. It offers an stunning view of setting sun on the horizon of Arabian Sea.

Gopalakrishna Temples It is a 14th century temple with ravishing sculptures representing the Hoysala art and architecture in a handsome way. It is located on a hill top and reached by a small trekking.

Kunchikal Falls This is formed by a splashy River Varahi, measuring 455 m in height and declared as highest tiered waterfall in India. With captivating nature backdrop, spending time at this waterfall will surely rejuvenate the tourists.

Other Waterfalls Barkana, Onake Abbi and Jogigundi waterfalls are equally beautiful. The sparkling water and lush green forest, twitters of birds and a pleasant atmosphere are excellent features of these waterfalls.

Trekking There are wonderful trails found in Agumbe which ease the trekking and makes it fun filled. It is the best choice to explore the untouched beauty of Agumbe.

Other Places Kudremukha National Park, Agumber Rainforest Research Station and Kundadri hills are other popular tourist destination. Sringeri is nearby town is another important picnic spot.


90 Km's Dharmasthala is the land of charity and one of the major pilgrims. It is beautifully nestled on the banks of River Netravati about 75 km from Mangalore. It is the city of cultural preservation and religious tolerance. Free lodging and free foods are always available to visitors irrespective of their caste and creed. It is well known for the Munjunatha Swamy temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple is belongs to 16th century and it is the prime attraction of Dharmasthala. Mass weddings are also conducted every year. It is a place of communal harmony where annual Sarva Dharma Sammelan takes place in which several spiritual leaders participates. It is also a famous pilgrim of Jains where one can find 11 meter high Bahubali statue. It is a perfect place to meditate. There are many other attractions nearby Dharmasthala including Manjusha Museum, Shiva temple in Karanje and Vasanthamahal.

Places to visit
Manjunatha Temple It is a famous temple belongs to 16th century, devoted to Lord Shiva. It is located on the foots of Kadri hills. It is the finest living specimen of Vijayanagara architecture. The Shiva linga in sanctorum absorbs entire water poured on it. It is the distinct feature of this temple.

Bahubali Statue It is located near Manjunatha temple. It has 39 feet tall monolithic statue of Jain Lord Bahubali which is placed on a 13 feet high platform. The entire statue is located on a holy hillock called Rathnagiri Betta. It is one of the popular Jain pilgrims in Karnataka.

Other Places Neliyadi Beedu, Chandranath swamy temple, Manjusha museum, Ram mandir and Annapa Betta are nearby attractions in Dharmasthala

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